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The Spiritual Bat

Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Dark Wave

Italien 03100 Frosinone

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Demosong: link

From the ashes of Spiritual Bats (est. 1992), TSB is founding member and guitarist Dario and former drummer Rosetta, now vocalist. TSB hails from Italy and has performed at several festivals in Europe, like WGT, Whitby Goth Weekend, Return To The Batcave, Gotham Sounds, and has shared the stage with the likes of Gene Loves Jezebel, Skeletal Family, Soror Dolorosa, In The Nursery, among others. The band is just come back from their fifth US tour, from coast to coast, in August-September 2016. Shortly before that, at the end of July, TSB performed in Poland at the prestigious Castle Party Festival, with headliners such as Fields of The Nephilim, Garden of Delight, Clan of Xymox.

Biography, Discography, etc. in the About section of The Spiritual Bat page.

A new album, is in the works... Here is a preview: some of the songs, in the Vision Of Sound ep:

LISTEN https://thespiritualbat.bandcamp.com/
NEW DEMO TRACK: GUILTY https://thespiritu...p.com/track/guilty
FACEBOOK https://www.facebo...593959630/?fref=ts
REVERBNATION https://www.reverb...ce=header_icon_nav

LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO 2014 (feat. Ashkelon Sain of Trance To Sun)
LIVE SAN FRANCISCO 2014 (feat. Ashkelon Sain of Trance To Sun) https://www.youtub...atch?v=iF2LCFUk2VU
LIVE LONG BEACH 2014 (Release The Bats - feat. Ashkelon Sain of Trance To Sun) https://www.youtub...atch?v=Peo_4781yUE
LIVE NEW YORK 2014 (The Red Party) https://www.youtub...atch?v=zudrwo1X53U
CASTLE PARTY 2016 TRAILER https://www.facebo...s/445670188949172/

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